This leaflet design was created for positive propaganda about the jews. The designer that was picked for this project was Paul Rand who previously went by Peretz Rosenbaum. He changed his name to avoid jewish persecution. 
    When the research started it was mainly focused on Paul Rand's history, and why he changed his name and hid his Judaism. An extensive interview was conducted with an elder of the Jewish community. This led to the idea of making a poster of positive jewish propaganda, which then ended up being a leaflet. It might be small but has a powerful message. 
    The main challenge of this project was making sure every part of the final design was inspired by the research that led up to it. It needed to portray the message be loud and proud - one doesn’t need to hide one’s Judaism! There are four different leaflets, each one with a different main Hierarchy accomplishing the goal that every part on the leaflet has meaning.

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